Why Sober Monkey?

Sober Monkey Cafe. More than your typical shared office environment.

What they say about us | Or what we hope they say

I never liked going to work and this was affecting my income and future. But since I joined Sober Monkey Cafe, I cant keep away from work! Its amazing what these guys have managed to do. I am very happy!

Fake customer
Fake customer

“you need to get a social life”….. monkey

I joined Sober Monkey Cafe towards the end of last year and since then my business has gone upwards like a rocket. I think it has alot to do with the people I have gotten to work with and the environment as well.

Fake customer
Fake customer

“it wasn’t even open last year!”…..monkey

“looks like a stock photo”…..monkey

“do you even have a budget?”…..monkey

“no man, woman, or monkey is an island”…..monkey